Puzzle Sidekick
Puzzle Tools, Codes, & Quick Reference

About Puzzle Sidekick


Puzzle Sidekick is a set of tools, reference material, and links for anyone who plays The Game, solves puzzle hunts, plays Alternate Reality Games, participates in transmedia storytelling, or solves puzzle trails. The tools range from decoder-ring style codebreaking to countdown timer prediction. The reference material includes word frequency, morse code, semaphore, and more. It is available for both iPhone and iPad.

*NOTE* This application is for iOS 9+ only. If you are stuck on an earlier version of iOS, you can still use the “ARG Tools” app.

Included in this package are:

  • Dictionary:
    • Search for words matching patterns (e.g. all possible crossword answers)
  • Encoding/Decoding:
    • ROT-N (from 1 to 26, including ROT-13)
    • BASE64
    • Vigenere / Beaufort
    • Transposition
    • Substitution
  • Character Encodings
    • Baudot Code
    • Braille
    • Fingerspelling
    • Letters to numbers (1..26) and ASCII
    • Nautical Flags
    • Moon Alphabet
    • Morse Code (two representations)
    • Myst D’ni Glyphs
    • Phonetic alphabet
    • Pigpen Cipher (two representations)
    • Roman Numerals
    • Semaphore (two representations)
  • Tools and Reference
    • A red/green/blue color mixer with hex and decimal values
    • A list of common English words, letters, letter pairs
    • Billiard ball colors
    • Books of the Bible
    • Countdown timer prediction
    • Dart board scoring
    • Dewey Decimal System
    • ISO Country Codes
    • Mathematical Constants, Prime Numbers
    • Music Notes and their Frequencies
    • Periodic Table
    • Planets
    • Resistor Color Codes
    • Ring Sizes
    • Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac
    • Quick access to Google, Wikipedia, Sudoku Step-Solving, Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  • An Easter Egg? Found by a number of people?


The design goals of this application include:

  • Easy to use in the field
  • Small enough to be downloadable over the air so you can quickly obtain it without WiFi access
  • Free-as-in-beer!

The types of available tools are color-coded by purpose. Red for interactive tools, green for codes (mapping symbols to letters), blue for reference.


Puzzle Sidekick is also available on the iPad: