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Puzzle Sidekick is a set of tools, reference material, and links for anyone who plays The Game, solves puzzle hunts, plays Alternate Reality Games, participates in transmedia storytelling, or solves puzzle trails. The tools range from decoder-ring style codebreaking to countdown timer prediction. The reference material includes word frequency, morse code, semaphore, and more. It is available for both iPhone and iPad.

More information is available on the about page.


Latest Updates

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Version 2.2

This version adds:

  • A tool to turn phone numbers into words (2=ABC, 3=DEF, etc.), optionally constrained by dictionary words. 228 ⇒ ACT, BAT, and CAT
  • Added a Braille entry keypad as an alternate view under the Braille table.

It also fixes:

  • The Braille character for '/' has been corrected.


Version 2.1

This version is mostly internal updates: changes for modern versions of iOS, crash fixes, and some minor cosmetic changes. It paves the way for cool stuff in the future. The largest change you'll notice is the addition of element numbers 114-118 to the periodic table.